Hospital Systems

MEDtrix is a fully-integrated hospital information system that can meet the requirements of all corners of a running health care institution. You can get them by package or by a la carte.

Hospital Information Systems (HIS) are enterprise-grade, comprehensive, integrated information systems designed to manage medical, financial and other business related functions in the hospital. These are massive, complex, integrated systems that support the comprehensive information requirements of hospitals, including patient, clinical, ancillary and financial management.


We were born out of the pain points experienced by hospitals and we have invested heavily in developing the solutions. Take a look at advantages in investing in our system.

Reduce RTH and Increase Revenue

Enjoy high success compliance rate with PhilHealth requirements; Reduce accounts receivables due to Non-PNF (drugs) control system

Better Patient Care

Faster processes and approvals, better announcement system via SMS or Email, reduced waiting times, quick and coordinated care towards better brand recognition.

Faster Discharge Process

Reduce discharge process to as fast as 30 Minutes through our software, thereby increasing your occupancy rate and income. Our studies have shown that the longer the patient waits until he/she "goes home", the lower is the income potential and the satisfaction rating of the hospital.

From Data Entry to Strategy

Move on from data compliance to overall strategy and management. Make informed and fact-based decisions through comprehensive accounting dashboard and data pull-ins


We are the most comprehensive, complete, affordable and fully-integrated systems provider in the market so you won't have to deal with multiple sources. Just a one-stop-shop for all your needs

Hospital System

Patient Care Management, Admission, Emergency, Inpatient, Outpatient, Requisitions, Labs, Pharmacy, Tests, Radiology, Dietary, Billing, Cashiering, Discharge/Go Home.


Effectively manage stocks, items, supplies, purchases, medicines, vendors, suppliers, assets (inventory), stock requests, purchase order, delivery and returns


Management of human resources such as doctors and employees, attendance, payroll, loans, requests, charges, advances, leaves, shifts, credentials, overtime, activities and users.


Automatic pull-ins, auto journals, beginning balance, chart of accounts, financial statements, bank series, vouchers, budget monitoring, templates, reports, payroll debit memo.

Fixed Assets

Asset registry, equipment, job orders, disposals, inventory, relocation, maintenance, depreciation, setting

Clinic System

Paperless clinic system, patient data management and list, consultation dashboard, discharge diagnosis, doctor's orders, prescriptions, labs, patient details, payment, appointment scheduling, income record, system config.


Electronic Health or Medical Records, dashboard for patient details, nursing services, demographics, assessments, physicians, lab results, medications, nurse's notes, discharge summary, case history, blood type, allergies.

PhilHealth Claims

PHIC insurance claims integration, Claim Form-compliant (CF4 and CF3), outright deductions, patient list, generate SOA (8 types), patient diagnosis, ICD-10 diagnosis, professional/doctors' fee, PHIC transmittal, requirements.

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Need for Digitalization in Southeast Asia

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Importance of HIS >

Our partners have given practical reasons why investing in a robust hospital information system will put your organization ahead.

Easy, Fast and Convenient Access to Accurate Patient Information

Provides convenient access to medical and financial records at all points of care and billing. Internet-based access greatly improves the ability to remotely access such data even beyond the walls of the hospital

Readable, Structured Information

Clinical information captured is well-organized, thus making it easier to maintain and quicker to search through for relevant information. Information is also legible, making it less likely that mistakes would be made due to illegible writing.

Real-Time Financial Reporting

With clinical care systems integrated with accounting functionality and inventory, purchasing and financial reporting is automated to a large degree and made more accurate.

Billing Integrated with Clinical Management

Clinical Information Systems that are integrated with the billing process speed up the process of billing patients and insurance providers while improving accuracy. This also improves safeguards against fraud and inefficiencies.

Competitor Analysis

Take a look at the studies made by hospitals and contacts as to the current pains and issues with the competitors hospital information system.

Cannot generate Financial Statements

Unreconciled Accounts Receivables

PhilHealth Claims Concerns

Cannot generate electronic receipts

Difficult Technical Support

Billing Statements are not yet PHIC compliant

Hassle in Dealing with Two Entities for One Module or Functionality

Our Clients

We have partnered with hospitals to create a system that is both medically and professionally-designed and technologically-competent.

Tarlac Medical Center Inc.

Designed by the world-renowned architect and urban-planner Felino Palafox, this medical center is rising in the proximity of the rising hub of Asia in Central Luzon.

Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital

The Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital (CLMMRH), formerly called the Occidental Negros Provincial Hospital (ONPH), was founded on March 24, 1926 with a 25-bed capacity. It is located at Lacson-Burgos Streets, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.